An Old Favorite Returning to CSI

After playing the vital role of Sara Sidle in almost every episode of the first seven seasons, actress Jorja Fox began slowly fading from the scene. Fox has enjoyed an extensive fan base throughout her time on CSI and her announcement in 2007 that she was leaving the show was met with outcry from distraught fans. A few appearances during seasons 9 and 10 were just enough to remind fans just what it is about this character that they love so much. Sidles troubled past, independent nature, and fragile relationship with Grissom are just a few of the reasons she’s a cast favorite. Years worth of watching the subtle but budding relationship between Sidle and Grissom, which finally ended in Grissom’s proposal, have created a special tie to this character. And just when expectant fans finally got what they wanted, Fox up and left the show! But, to the delight of her fans, she will be returning this fall for CSI’s 11th season. It has not been confirmed how extensive a role Sidle will play and whether or not she will be back on as a regular, but either way, we’re all glad to know she’ll at least be around for a while. Now the question remains, what led to Fox’s decision to rejoin the show? Some speculate that the show’s falling numbers in the last couple of seasons prompted this decision as an attempted ratings boost. Other, less complimentary observers of Fox, suggest that she left in search of more money or other opportunities, which she did not find, and is therefore returning to CSI. In the end, these are all merely guesses as to the nature of Fox’s decision, and all that really matters is that the widely-adored Sara Sidle will be back onscreen this fall.

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